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Do I Need an Interpreter or a Translator

This is a commonly asked question many businesses make when they are faced with language barriers. Interpretation and translation services are two different services we provide to help businesses jump over these language hurdles, yet each of their methods of converting between languages are performed differently and require different skill sets. Below, we have described the differences of each service and provided a few common scenarios where the use an interpreter or a translator may come in handy:


Switching one language into another in written form is known as translating. The time frame of this service is much slower than an interpretation due to the high attention to detail that goes into proofreading and revising. This can usually take from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the work needed to be done. Although a general knowledge and cultural awareness of both languages is required, a translator must have immaculate writing skills to provide the most accurate and grammatically correct translation. If the translator is not proficient in the specialized vocabulary that a document rendering requires, this can become a problem. Therefore, we always make sure our translators’ assignments are aligned with their subject matter of expertise. Some types of document translations we’re familiar with are:

· Literary Translations- When the author’s specific writing style and rhythm must be duplicated. Books and music texts are a great example.

· Legal Translations- These require the knowledge of legal terminology. Some examples include but are not limited to: deposition transcripts, summons and warrants, minutes of court proceedings, etc.

· Certified Translations- Translators can provide signatures to authentic

ate official translations such as civil status documentations, marital agreements, divorce settlements, wills, etc.

· Judicial Translations- These translations are undertaken in a court setting. Such documents include judgements, minutes of interrogation sessions, etc.

· Juridical Translation- Referring to legally-binding documentations such as laws, regulations and decrees, contracts, partnership agreements, insurance policies, bail assurance.

· Technical Translations- Fall under any other type of translation that also require specific technical terminology, such as documentation for medical or financial matters; annual and study reports, research papers, medical translations, financial statements, and so forth.


Interpreting is translating speech orally. An interpreter will listen to a speaker in one language, and interpret the same thought into another language. This can either be done simultaneously (interpreting at the same as the speaker is speaking in the source language) or consecutively (speaker in source language is making frequent stops). These can also be provided to large groups of people at once, or for one-on-one private meetings. For a full list of the types of interpreting services. Each type of interpreting technique requires different competencies. The following is a list of the different types of interpreting services we provide:

· Consecutive Interpreting- Usually more time-consuming due to the frequent stops between listening and interpreting from one party to the next. This is mainly used for small gatherings or one-on-one meetings.

· Simultaneous Interpreting- Interpreting at the same time as the speaker of the source language is speaking. Usually for larger gatherings such as conferences, conventions, etc.

· Escort/Travel Interpreting- These interpreters can accompany you throughout your business


· Whisper Interpreting- is the same as simultaneous interpreting, but provided to 1-3 listeners in whispering form.

· OPI or Over-The-Phone Interpreting- Scheduled on-site or over the phone.

We have interpreters and translators who are proficient in medical, legal and various technical backgrounds.

If you have any questions about our services, we’ll be glad to help! Give us a call or send us a message through the contact form on our site!



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