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How Long Do Translations Take & Why

Professional document translation is not an easy process. It takes our native speaking professionals, qualified translators, and experienced technical translators several steps to assure your translation is perfectly accurate yet culturally and technically sound. The many types of documents we consider for translations include: manual, website, & technical translations that are specific to your niche. While it is of our utmost importance to keep your deadline when translating your documents, it is critical to understand that it won’t happen overnight. Quality translation takes time. At an average, experienced translators can translate approximately 500 -2,000 words per day, but times do vary depending upon the material’s difficulty level. The following are the basic steps that commonly take place when we translate a document:

Step 1: Project Overview

After receiving your translation request, we will contact you to review the scope of the project, and agree on things like timelines, glossaries (if applicable), and the final delivery date. We will bring out as many details as possible to clarify any inconsistencies, missing words, or typos in the text. This is so that the end-product accurately resembles what your original document intended to convey. The process of obtaining a very thorough overview of your document before getting in touch with you can take anywhere from 1-2 days.

Step 2: Initial Translation of the Document

We will assign the project to an experienced and qualified translator who is fluent in the subject matter and both languages of your document. They will translate the material by reading each segment and referring to a glossary and style guide to ensure the document’s tone and exact content are reproduced in the different language.

Step 3: Accuracy Check

When the initial translation is done, a second translator will take over to make sure unnatural

wording or sentences are identified and corrected. This quality-control step is essential to ensure high quality standards.

Step 4: Edit & Proofreading

After smoothing out any irregularities in your translation, someone from our team reviews the

document to make sure there are no logistical errors and ensure the formatting (such as fonts and layout) matches your requirements. Final edits will be made to further refine the translated text.

Step: 5 Document Delivery

The translated document will then be returned to you at the deadline that was agreed upon. You can trust that your project will be done at the highest-quality expectations.

When setting deadlines, we keep this extensive process in mind, including other factors that may extend translation times such as projects involving more than one language, and length of the total documents involved. We’d suggest contacting us well in advance so we can make sure your translated material is received when you need it. To receive a free quote and confirm on a specific time frame, you can email us at and we will contact you at your earliest convenience. If you have any more questions, please let us know in the comments section below!



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